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Keeping Cows Cool in a Changing Climate

Florida is hot. It’s no secret. The chokehold of Florida’s heat is a permanent part of our landscape, worming its way into every corner of the state, and forcing all living things into a clear-cut choice: adapt or die. And blanketed by the same soupy heat, Florida cattle are no exception.

This issue is not new. Geneticists, cattle ranchers and livestock producers have all been working to keep cows cool in Florida for decades. But average temperatures in the state have been rising. The Florida peninsula has already warmed more than one degree Fahrenheit during the last century, and projections estimate an additional two degree rise in the next 20 years.

As global temperatures remain on the rise, and heat events become more extreme, it’s becoming increasingly important to safeguard the wellbeing of our livestock.

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Environmental protection and social justice are deeply intertwined, and we cannot accurately communicate the environmental issues facing our state without acknowledging this relationship. In this monthly Earth to Florida segment, we will share articles and videos that help explain these connections.

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