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This month we bring you a special edition called, The Insect Effect: Insect Decline and the Future of Our Planet. Learn more about the importance of insects and what you can do to stop their decline at 

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What YOU can do to stop the "Insect Apocalypse"
Creepy crawlies. Heebie jeebies. For centuries, insects in American culture have wriggled their way into a whole host of negative stereotypes. But despite their bad rap, insects provide many services to humans. The most diverse group of animals in the world, they provide an estimated yearly value of $70 billion in the U.S. alone. Insects are important for agriculture, pollination and breaking down waste. They function as predators and prey in countless food chains and have even inspired new technology (think: drones).

But whatever stance you take toward them, numerous recent studies highlight a startling reality: insects are disappearing worldwide at an alarming rate — both in number and diversity. Here’s what you can do to help. Read more.

Action of the Month

TESI Intern Brittney Miller stepped up to the challenge of making her yard more insect-friendly. Follow along in this video to see how you can do the same in this month’s Action of the Month.

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Environmental protection and social justice are deeply intertwined, and we cannot accurately communicate the environmental issues facing our state without acknowledging this relationship. In this monthly Earth to Florida segment, we will share articles and videos that help explain these connections.

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Every Friday, we publish a weekly sampling of free and inexpensive environmental learning opportunities around Florida on our Facebook page.

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