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Another Version of Distance Learning: How Remote Sensing Bolsters Florida's Environmental Research

More than 2,000 artificial satellites currently orbit Earth, and a larger hoard is expected to occupy the skies in the future. With their vantage point in our planet’s exosphere, or the outermost layer of the atmosphere, satellites can be the eyes for researchers on the ground. This tech is one facet of an emerging field called “remote sensing.”

Remote sensing focuses on gathering data from a distance, whether that be inches or miles away. Instead of traveling to different locations and taking samples, researchers can now use optical machinery, like high-tech cameras, to glean information about Earth from afar. Read more.

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Environmental protection and social justice are deeply intertwined, and we cannot accurately communicate the environmental issues facing our state without acknowledging this relationship. In this new Earth to Florida segment, we will share articles, videos that help explain these connections.

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Every Friday, we publish a weekly sampling of free and inexpensive environmental learning opportunities around Florida on our Facebook page.

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