Each month, a student-led team at the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute curates the state’s environmental news and explains what’s going on, why it matters and what we can do about it.

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Feature Story

Hurricanes in Florida

To be a Floridian is to know hurricanes. If you live in Florida, you probably have an evacuation plan ready and a pantry full of unperishable goods. While you may experience hurricane season yearly, sometimes it’s easy to get confused about certain words and images used by weather forecasters to communicate a storm’s path, intensity and potential impact.

Read on to keep up-to-date on hurricane terms, symbols, measurement instruments, current research and more!

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To pair with the rest of our educational content in each Earth to Florida newsletter, we bring you monthly updates on statewide environmental news.

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If you’ve been reading our newsletter this summer, you know that red tide once again bloomed across areas of Southwest Florida. Check out our new explainer video to help you better understand what causes red tide, how often it occurs, and how it is monitored.

Learn more about Earth systems-related topics through our other student-produced educational videos!

What We’re Reading

Environmental protection and social justice are deeply intertwined, and we cannot accurately communicate the environmental issues facing our state without acknowledging this relationship. In this monthly Earth to Florida segment, we will share articles and videos that help explain these connections.

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