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Type Index: MAJOLICA
Production Origin: MEXICO
Date Range: 1775-1900
Defining Attributes:

Paste typically ranges in color from buff/tan to salmon, although cream and orange colored paste sometimes occurs.

Vessel surfaces are covered with an off-white, reflective enamel.

Designs are painted in yellow, orange and green, with black or dark brown accent lines.

Design motifs typically consist of a yellow/orange band bordered by black, with green lobe or dot-shaped pendants accented in black. Stylized floral designs and random splotches are often also present.

Vessel Forms: PLATE
Comments: This diverse majolica type is a continuation of the18th century Abo-Aranama tradition. As described here, it incorporates several varieties described elsewhere. This is particularly notable in the southwestern United States, where varieties with Nopaltapec attributes are known as Monterey Polychrome (Barnes and May 1972, Williams and Cohen Williams 2004; May 1972), Orangeline Polychrome I (Barnes and May 1972; May 1972;) and Tucson Polychrome (May 1972). Orangeline Polychrome and Tucson Polychrome are distinguished by fuzzy brown framing lines and a tendency for the design colors to run .
Published Definitions: May 1972:36; Seifert 1977:237-240; Barnes and May 1972; Williams and Cohen-Williams 2004; Deagan 1987:88

View all examples of NOPALTEPEC POLYCHROME