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Type Index: MAJOLICA
Production Origin: ITALY
Date Range: 1500-1575
Defining Attributes:

Cream-colored chalky paste, with relatively thick, heavy vessel walls.

Background enamel is thick and off-white, often with a pinkish cast, and has a low-gloss surface.

Polychrome designs are painted in bright orange, yellow, blue, and black-outlined yellow. Green is occasionally used.

Vessel Forms: BOWL
Comments: Three design categories are known for Montelupo Polychrome. The most common consists of alternating geometric bands, which may cover the vessel, or occur in combination with central medallion elements. A second variety has a dark blue ground on the marly, painted with very fine line white spirals, stars and loop designs. A third variety has an intricate pattern of scrolls, loops, lines and floral elements around the marly, and a checkerboard or floral central medallion design.
Published Definitions: Lister and Lister 1982: 71-72, Deagan 2002: 69

View all examples of MONTELUPO POLYCHROME