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Type Index: MAJOLICA
Production Origin: PUEBLA, MEXICO
Date Range: 1680-1710
Defining Attributes:

Paste is usually cream to near white in color, but can range to buff or light orange.

Glossy white to off-white background color with designs painted in light blue or blue and black.

Blue designs painted in naturalistic and geometric motifs accented with thin black lines that serve to detail desgins.

Black designs serve as detailing such as scales, fur, etc. and to fill large blue areas in the form of cross-hatching.

Exteriors of vessels often decorated with a row of overlapping arches

Vessel Forms: PLATE
Comments: Castillo Polychrome is relatively uncommon in the circum-Caribbean area and Florida. It is related to and sometimes overlaps with to Puaray Polychrome, another, slightly earlier Puebla tradition majolica variety. Castillo Polychrome designs cover most of the vessel, and seem to make more ubiquitous use of black line detailing over the blue than does Puaray Polychrome, as described by John Goggin.
Published Definitions: Deagan 1987; Goggin 1968

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