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Índice del Tipo: MAJOLICA
Lugar de Producción: MEXICO
Fecha de Producción: 1780-1860
Definir Atributos:

Paste is typically cream to buff/tan in color with heavy sand tempering

Light blue background enamel with designs in dark brown/black, blue, green, yellow, and orange

Typically designs include a wavy line surrounded by dots and floral motifs

Designs are placed around the rims, in the center of vessles, and sometimes in Chinese-inspried reserved panels

Plates often have molded, undulating rims

Forma del Recipiente: CUP
Comentarios: Barnes (1972) recognizes three varieties: Tumacacori I, 1780-1820, cahracterized by a thin, wavy black line with alternating blue and green floral elements above and below it; Tumacacori II, 1810-1840, characterized by a wavy black line with blue dots at the highest and lowest points of the line; and Tumuacacori III, 1830-1860, characterized by green dots outlined in black, which are surrounded by blue dots connected by stemlike black lines.
Definiciones Publicadas: Barnes 1972; Deagan 1987; Goggin 1968; May 1972, 1976

Mira todos los ejemplos de TUMACACORI POLYCHROME