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Nombre Tipológico: TACUBA POLYCHROME
Índice del Tipo: MAJOLICA
Lugar de Producción: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO
Fecha de Producción: 1550-1600
Definir Atributos:

Paste is dense with little visible mineral tempering, and is buff to light orange in color.

Background enamel is thick, reflective and off-white, with a tendency to craze and pinhole.

Decoration is painted in two shades of blue, with an occasional touch of yellow.

Rim band decoration usually consists of alternating sets of broad, slanted hatchures or fronds, bordered by framing bands above and below.

The center of vessels is set off by several encircling lines surrounding floral, animal, bird and occasionally human figures. Lobe, palmette and frond elements also occur.

Exterior may have two to three thin blue bands encircling the vessel.

Forma del Recipiente: BOWL
Comentarios: Tacuba Polychrome is part of the Mexico City "Fine Ware" majolica duction around 1540. It is reminiscent of Talavera majolica in the emphasis on frond designs on the rim band.
Definiciones Publicadas: Lister and Lister 1978, 1982, 1987

Mira todos los ejemplos de TACUBA POLYCHROME