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Nombre Tipológico: PUEBLA POLYCHROME
Índice del Tipo: MAJOLICA
Lugar de Producción: PUEBLA , MEXICO
Fecha de Producción: 1650-1725
Definir Atributos:

Creamy white to pale peach or buff paste. Sherds rarely have red-orange or terra cotta paste, although this is know to occur.

Even, reflective off-white to white background enamel, with designs typically painted in cobalt or dark blue and black. Yellow, green and orange paint have also been reported.

Decorations consist of scrolls, lobes, curves, or linear motifs painted in blue or occasionally other colors.

Black is painted over the white background bordering blue decorations and in lace-like and dot designs. The black can appear mottled and faded to a golden brown color.

Blue designs are often slightly raised on the vessels.

Forma del Recipiente: BOWL
Comentarios: Puebla Polychrome majolica varies widely in the quality of its decoration, from sloppy to very fine and precise. The black line designs are thought to have been derived from Talaveran majolicas, which also exhibit lace-like patterns. Although blue is by far the most common color for decoration, emerald green, orange, and yellow paint are occasionally used. Background color is typically off-white or cream in color, however a few examples have a pale yellow background enamel. Orange or dark yellow bands are also known to occur on Puebla polychrome, however these are rare.
Definiciones Publicadas: Deagan 2002; Goggin 1968; Lister and Lister 1974

Mira todos los ejemplos de PUEBLA POLYCHROME