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Nombre Tipológico: PANAMA BLUE ON WHITE
Índice del Tipo: MAJOLICA
Lugar de Producción: PANAMA
Fecha de Producción: 1600-1650
Definir Atributos:

Hard, compact brick-red paste with sand tempering.

Background enamel is off-white to blueish- or greenish-white and is typically has a low level of reflectivity

Designs are primarily painted in pale blue, but may employ a slightly darker shade of blue as well . The paint can appear foamy or fuzzy, and the edges of the design elements often appear to bleed or blur.

Wide variety of designs including lace-like motifs, scrolls, loops, geometric and floral motifs. Many design elements typical of Chinese kraakporcelain are also present.

Forma del Recipiente: PLATE
Comentarios: Design motifs of Panama Blue on White are virtually identical to those on Panama Polychrome Type-A and Type-B. However pieces of Panama Blue on White with stylized corn plant motifs also show a New World design influence on some pieces.
Definiciones Publicadas: Deagan 1987:92; Long 1967; Goggin 1968; Rovira 2001

Mira todos los ejemplos de PANAMA BLUE ON WHITE