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Nombre Tipológico: CUENCA TILE-TYPE B
Índice del Tipo: MAJOLICA
Lugar de Producción: SPAIN
Fecha de Producción: 1500-1575
Definir Atributos:

Paste is typically cream to buff in color.

Off-white background with impressed designs painted in green, blue, honey, or black.

Design motifs are predominantly floral and naturalistic designs.

Forma del Recipiente: TILE
Comentarios: The stamped designs on Cuenca Tile-Type B are generally impressed deeper than those on Type A. Type B also uses green as the main decorative color to a greater degree than Type A which uses more blue. Type B tiles average 2.75 centimeters in thickness and 10.9 to 11.2 centimeters per side. Designs are naturalistic , curvilinear, and renaissance in inspiration.
Definiciones Publicadas: Deagan 1987; Goggin 1968

Mira todos los ejemplos de CUENCA TILE-TYPE B