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Nombre Tipológico: ABO POLYCHROME
Índice del Tipo: MAJOLICA
Lugar de Producción: "probably" PUEBLA, MEXICO
Fecha de Producción: 1650-1750
Definir Atributos:

Thin, cream to buff, compact coarse earthenware paste without visible temper.

Opaque, off-white, reflective background tin enamel.

Polychrome design in yellow, green, orange and blue. Yellow and orange paints usually have a matte finish, while green and blue are underglaze and reflective.

Motif is a generalized floral design, consisting of clusters of balloon-like elements and lobe- like elements accented in black. Human and animal figures sometimes occur in the center of plates.

Rims are encircled by an orange band with one brown/black line above and two below.

Forma del Recipiente: BOWL
Comentarios: Unlike the related Aranama Polychrome, there is a great deal of open white background space on Abo polychrome, and very little use of the geometric elements seen in Aranama Polychrome.
Definiciones Publicadas: Deagan 1987; Goggin 1968

Mira todos los ejemplos de ABO POLYCHROME