A 31 year old man was surfing at Shelly Beach, New South Wales Australia when his arm was bitten by a large shark just before 11 am on 9/5/2021. Nearby surfers got the victim to shore, where they applied an improvised tourniquet and performed CPR. Unfortunately, the man succumb to his extensive injuries.

This investigation has only just begun but it is believed the species involved was a white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). From 2011-2020 there were 65 unprovoked bites in New South Wales, 6 of which were fatal. During that time period, 26 unprovoked bites were confirmed to have involved white sharks, 5 of which were fatal.

Basic medical training and tourniquets are recommended for persons that choose to recreate in areas known for large sharks. You can also learn how to reduce your risk of shark bite here.

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