People utilize marine habitats in a broad range of recreational and professional activities, thus shark attacks occur in a variety of circumstances. Victim activities assemble into four main categories; those on top of, in, under, or entering and exiting the water.

Victims’ Activity During Unprovoked Shark Attacks Worldwide

Surface recreationists: include those victims atop a body of water through the use of a board or flotation device. These victims were engaged in activities such as surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, boogie boarding, rafting, or floating on inflatables at the time of attack.

Swimmers and bathers: are immersed in the water and may be treading water, snorkeling, playing in the shallows, or wading at the time of attack.

Divers: are all victims underwater. This division includes mostly SCUBA divers, but also includes hookah and free divers.

Entering or exiting the water: these attacks can occur as someone is climbing a ladder into a boat or immediately after jumping off a platform, for example.