Annual Risk Of Death During One's Lifetime

Disease and Accidental Causes of DeathsAnnual DeathsDeath Risk During One's Lifetime
Heart disease652,4861 in 5
Cancer553,8881 in 7
Stroke150,0741 in 24
Hospital Infections99,0001 in 38
Flu59,6641 in 63
Car accidents44,7571 in 84
Suicide31,4841 in 119
Accidental poisoning19,4561 in 193
MRSA (resistant bacteria)19,0001 in 197
Falls17,2291 in 218
Drowning3,3061 in 1,134
Bike accident7621 in 4,919
Air/space accident7421 in 5,051
Excessive cold6201 in 6,045
Sun/heat exposure2731 in 13,729
Lightning471 in 79,746
Train crash241 in 156,169
Fireworks111 in 340,733
Shark related fatalities11 in 4,332,817

Sources: All accidental death information from National Safety Council. Disease death information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Shark fatality data provided by the International Shark Attack File.

NOTE Some values are still being updated (shark-related fatalities is up to date)

Lifetime risk is calculated by dividing the 2021 population (331,893,745) by the number of deaths, divided by 76.6, the life expectancy of a person born in 2021.