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Current Personnel

Gavin Naylor
Gavin Naylor PhD
Program Director
Florida Program for Shark Research 352-273-1954

Tyler Bowling PhD student
Tyler Bowling
Program manager              PhD candidate     352-273-1949

Please send all questions and media inquiries to

Dr. Gavin Naylor or Tyler Bowling

Lei Yang
Lei Yang PhD
Molecular lab Manager Postdoc Researcher lyang@floridamuseum.ufl.edu

Shannon Corrigan
Shannon Corrigan PhD Associate Researcher
David Swofford
David Swofford PhD
Visiting Scientist
John Denton Postdoc Researcher
John Denton PhD
Associate Researcher

Steven Byrum         PhD Student               Co-advised Frazer lab  sbyrum@ufl.edu
Adrian lee
Adrian Lee                      MS Student sz.lee@ufl.edu
Joe Miguez              MS Student j.miguez@ufl.edu
Emmy Sheahan
Emmy Sheahan          PhD Student               Co-advised Guralnick lab      sheahane@ufl.edu





Current Volunteers, Interns, and Independent Study Students


Emeriti Personnel

George Burgess
George Burgess
Director, Emeritus
Florida Program for Shark Research