Alabama Welcome Sign

Sweet Home Alabama!

For the past few day I have been in Alabama with Prof Steven Manchester and his class searching for fossilized … Continue

Work in progress surface scan of fossil turtle.

Digital Paleontology

I think many people these days are familiar with CT scanning, or its cousin, the MRI, even more so. But many … Continue

Sonia sketching the outcrop

Faults of the Empire

In a previous post Sonia explained the paleohistory  of the isthmus, from its volcanic  beginnings to recent sedimentation. This history … Continue

Spring Interns

Spring Interns in the news

Journalist Irlanda Sotillo and Photographer Maydeé Romero Sprang recently visited the Center for Tropical Paleoecology and Archeology (CTPA) of the … Continue


Making Maps in R

This past week was a busy one in the field, due to all those who joined us during University of Florida’s spring … Continue

PCP-PIRE intern Justy Alicea ready to be lifted to the jungle canopy.


…Aaand we’re back! After over a week in Panama, we are back in Gainesville, a little tanner and a little … Continue