These lessons can be completed as a small continuous unit or you can take more time and spread it out amongst other units/lessons.

Lessons & Teacher’s Notes

Teacher Notes

Scientific Illustration Handout – Helpful Tips: This is given to students at the beginning as a resource they will use throughout the lessons.

A. Minds Eye (20 min)

Minds Eye Drawing

B. Scientific Illustrators Webquest (50 min)

Illustrator Webquest

C. What is scientific illustration? (Total: 45 min)

What is Scientific Illustration Handout

Appetizer (10-15 min):
Give students a picture of a photo and a drawing (or show one image to the whole class – slide #13) – take something out of the drawings, let them observe and comment – on the next page in their notebooks, then share (in small teams or as whole class). *Notes on how the drawing is different are found in the notes section of the slide.

Main Course (30 min):

D. Treasure Hunt/Find Yours (20 min)

Find Your Specimen Handout

E. Published Scientific Illustration

Published Illustration Handout

Appetizer (15 min):

Main Course (45 min):

F. Lifecycle Final Project (one week)

Lifecycle Illustration Handout

Lifecycle Grading Rubric

Lifecycle Illustration Rubric

G. Peer Review Scientific Illustration Process Reflection (35 min):

Peer Review Process Handout