Science Education and Outreach

In addition to STEM-content research, PCP PIRE is currently involved in research on science education and outreach. For example, current graduate students (including those pursuing non-traditional advanced STEM degrees) are exploring:

  1. The impacts of international STEM-based research experiences
  2. How students communicate and learn in bilingual distributed e-based social networks. As the PCP PIRE develops museum and related informal science educational Broader Impact components, additional opportunities for interdisciplinary research (e.g., education, journalism) will emerge.

GABI RET, a program that stemmed from PCP PIRE, is an education and outreach program that allows science educators to participate in hands-on field work and discussions related to the Great American Biotic Interchange. The experience provided by GABI RET allows teachers to become more familiar with science practices so that they will better equipped to teach their students about the sciences.

Primary Research Contacts

Dr. Bruce MacFadden | PI
Florida Museum of Natural History

Claudia Grant | GABI RET Coordinator
Florida Museum of Natural History