Cynorca occidentale VP UF234400d

Peccaries in Panama

This is the lower jaw of “Cynorca” occidentale UF234400, early to middle Miocene, 19-14.8 mya. This extinct peccary was part … Continue

Honey, of the GABI RET program, displays a newly excavated shark tooth.

Lake Alajuela

This past Monday, Bruce McFadden, principal investigator of the PCP PIRE program, arrived with a group of 10 middle school … Continue

A foggy view of the Panama Canal at sunrise from near our first locality of the day.

Getting to Work

As week 2 begins in Panama we shifted our field schedule slightly earlier into the day (morning) in order to … Continue

Robyn excavating a juvenile Deinotherium from Turkana, Kenya.

Meet Robyn!

Hola! My name is Robyn Henderek and I am one of the four PCP-PIRE Summer 2014 interns. I am a … Continue

Happy 4th of July from the Summer 2014 PCP PIRE Interns! Photo courtesy of E. Whiting.

From Colón to Corozal

Greetings and Happy (belated) American Independence Day from the Summer 2014 PCP PIRE Intern cohort! Last night we celebrated the … Continue

The interns sip on 50c raspados (snow cones)!

Tuesday Afternoon

A national holiday has come and gone. Yesterday marked the inauguration of the new Panamanian president. Stores and services closed … Continue

John Turner (left) with a tiger shark that he and Charlie Cross (right) caught at the southern tip of Rey Island in the Pearl Islands in July, 1964. © Photo courtesy of J. Turner.

Elephants in Panama?

Dr. John M. Turner, an optometrist from Hattiesburg, MS, grew up in the Panama Canal Zone. As a youth he … Continue