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Excuses, excuses

So, I realize that things have been a bit quiet around the blog of late But we’ve been busy as … Continued

another view of IZ-sters and rows of vials on tables

Happy Birthday to Us!

The museum turned 100 last year, and to celebrate we had a special exhibit containing a sampling of some of … Continued


Hey everyone, I’m spending time at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History these days, and wrote a short blog … Continued

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Not bad atoll…

The 2014 Marine Biodiversity Workshop on Magoodhoo Island, Maldives This is a busy summer of fieldwork for the IZ crew: … Continued

Jim Williams, Matthew Rowe, and Jordan Holcomb organizing shells

Team Unionid

Taxonomy is a wily beast. As Fran├žois discussed in his previous post, keeping up with who is called what can … Continued