shoreline with palm trees

Not bad atoll…

The 2014 Marine Biodiversity Workshop on Magoodhoo Island, Maldives This is a busy summer of fieldwork for the IZ crew: … Continue

Jim Williams, Matthew Rowe, and Jordan Holcomb organizing shells

Team Unionid

Taxonomy is a wily beast. As Fran├žois discussed in his previous post, keeping up with who is called what can … Continue

Gustav dressed as Nephrops norvegicus

Summer Activities

So what have we been doing all summer. Well…lots of things! Gustav was gone most of the summer teaching a … Continue

Figure 2: Cluster of individuals of Triactis producta from the Maldives (Indian Ocean).

Triactis producta

The sea anemone Triactis producta (Klunzinger, 1877) Triactis producta is the only species in the sea anemone (Actiniaria) genus Triactis … Continue

Adania sorting Jenna's Tuamotus collection

We’re still here!

Poor neglected blog! It’s been so long since my last post, but don’t worry, we haven’t been slacking off. Here, … Continue