Former Students

Tania Pineda Enriquez
Ph.D. 2022, Zoology
“Diversity and evolution of brittle stars across the worlds ocean: Revisionary systematics of ophiolepidoids”

close up of smiling woman with shoulder length curly hair and a black turtleneck holding a worm in a jar in front of museum shelvesJenna Moore
Ph.D. 2019, Zoology
“Phylogeny, systematics, and evolution of functional morphology in Chaetopteridae (Annelida)”
Curator of Section Annelida, Museum of Nature Hamburg


man with white tshirt and sunglasses with water in the backgroundPatrick Norby
M.S. 2017, Zoology
“Genetic and phenotypic analyses of the American horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) across the northeast Florida phylogeographic break”


man with blue and orange shirt holding a swimming crabNathaniel Evans
Ph.D. 2016, Zoology
“The systematics of Portunoidea Rafinesque, 1815 and the evolution of symbiotic swimming crabs”


man in wetsuit on boat cradling a large red sea cucumberFrançois Michonneau
Ph.D. 2014, Zoology
“Species limits and diversity in sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)”



Machel Malay
PhD. 2010, Zoology
“Speciation and diversification in the Indo-West Pacific: inferences from the molecular systematics of reef-associated crustaceans”
Associate Professor of Biology, University of the Philippines in the Visayas

Seabird McKeon
Ph.D. 2010, Zoology
“Diversity in a tropical marine mutualism”

Jada Simone White
Ph.D. 2010, Zoology
“Indirect effects of a marine ecosystem engineer alter the abundance and distribution of foundation coral species”

Lisa Kirkendale
Ph.D. 2005, Zoology
“Evolution of photosymbiosis in marine bivalves, Cardiidae: Fraginae”
Curator of Mollusca and Head of Department, Western Australia Musuem

Luiz Rocha
Ph.D. 2003, Fisheries
“Ecology, the Amazon barrier, and speciation in Western Atlantic Halichoeres, Labridae”
Curator and Follett Chair of Ichthyology, California Academy of Sciences

Jonathan Cowart
M.S. 2002, Zoology
“The mating system of the sea star Pteraster tesselatus Ives 1888, Echinodermata: Asteroidea:  Hermaphroditism, parthenogenesis or sperm storage?”

Former Staff, Interns and Volunteers

  • Tina Bell
  • Daniel Bennett
  • Ashley Berkow
  • Ariana Boland
  • Nicole Bracewell
  • Eddie Bruce
  • Derek Cox
  • Dana Ehret
  • Carmen Elenberger
  • Adania Flemming
  • Jeanne Gossman
  • Jeremy Green
  • Nancy Kent
  • Robert Lasley
  • Sarah McPherson
  • Eve Moore
  • Elizabeth Murphy
  • Kris Netchy
  • Nusrat Noor
  • Diana Noto
  • Jimmy O’Donnell
  • Robert Paden
  • Molly Phillips
  • Cristina Robins
  • Breanna Sipley
  • Richard Skandera
  • Austin Smith
  • Ana Tabakovic
  • Fred Thompson
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Julie Zill

Former Post Doctoral Associates