So, I realize that things have been a bit quiet around the blog of late

tumbleweed gif
recent blog activity

But we’ve been busy as usual.

For instance, my office has gone from this:

cluttered computer desk
old office

To this:

different cluttered computer desk
new office

While Gustav’s office has gone from this:

a third cluttered computer desk
Gustav’s old office

To this:

airplane in the sky
Gustav’s new office–he’s been traveling a lot

Some things we’ve been up to include (but are not limited to):  fieldwork, moving offices, visitors, moving other offices, new students, research, teaching, grant writing, grant submitting, staff meetings, committee meeting, manager meetings, faculty meetings, vacation.

Allow me to make it up to you with a few throwback posts in the spirit of getting things back on track.

New website.  New academic year.  New blog commitment.

Here goes. 🙂

Cambodian land snail
Sprinting out of the gate with some blog posts!



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