The museum turned 100 last year, and to celebrate we had a special exhibit containing a sampling of some of the most exciting material from all our ranges.  Little did we suspect that recent Homo sapiens would also be prominently displayed.

group of iz-sters working diligently on display in powell hall

another view of IZ-sters and rows of vials on tables

All the ranges took turns being on exhibit, and IZ was no exception spending 5 days over at Powell doing science while subject to the watchful gaze of museum visitors and the frenzied enthusiasm of various school groups.  All the different ranges engaged in a wide range of activities for their time on display; we opted to take advantage of all the table space and process the fruits of Gustav’s recent labors in New Caledonia.  Lots of helpers, no distracting emails, ample space and equipment, we ended up processing the entire collection during our time there, from photos, to tissues, to assigning UF catalog numbers.  When we returned to Dickinson all that remained was to import the data into Specify and print the labels…ok, that’s no small task, but we have never been able to completely prep a collection for cataloging in such a short time.

We’ll see if we can keep the momentum going into 2018.  So far so good.

something so satistying about vial all layed out in order

🙂 Mandy

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