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St. Augustine Historical Archaeology Sites

Site Name Site* Site Type Specimens Time Period
Acosta-Villalonga 8-SA-13-5-6-7 domestic 8000 18th-19th c.
Arrivas 8-SA-12-21 domestic 10900 18th-19th c.
Art Association 8-SJ-10H domestic 126 ca.1575-19th c.
Avero 8-SA-7-5 domestic 32741 18th-19th c.
Benet Store 8-SA-13-8 domestic 3189 18th-19th c.
Bridge of Lions seawall 8-SJ-10B domestic 335 mixed
Charlotte Street 8-SA-8-11 domestic 3189 18th-19th c.
Cofradia 8-SA-30-3      
Convento de San Francisco 8-SA-42A monastery 131000 ca.1575-19th c.
De Hita 8-SA-7-4 domestic 73425 18th-19th c.
De La Cruz 8-SA-16-23 domestic 113908 18th-19th c.
De Leon 8-SA-26-1 domestic 150000 ca.1575-19th c.
De Mesa 8-SA-7-6 domestic 50187 18th-19th c.
DeBurgo-Pellicer 8-SA-7-7 domestic 101327 ca.1775-19th c.
Fatio 8-SA-34-2 domestic 250000 ca.1575-19thc.
Fatio Annex 8-SA-34-2B domestic 75000 ca.1575-19th c.
First Union Bank Parking Lot 8-SA-10-11   15950 mixed
Foreign Legion Hall 8-SA-5-3   15950 mixed
Fort Mose 8-SJ-40 military 36100 18th-19th c.
Fountain of Youth 8-SJ-31 contact 102518 1565-18th c.
Ft. Matanzas midden 8-SJ-28 military 38 18th-19th c.
Joaneda 8-SA-15-7 domestic 8000 18th-19th c.
Kirby Smith 8-SA-34-3 domestic 19885 18th-19th c.
Lester's Gallery 8-SA-29-2 domestic 3018 1575-18th c.
Nombre de Dios 8-SJ-34 mission 15495 1565-18th c.
O'Reilly 8-SA-35-1 domestic   1575-19th c.
Old Hospital site 8-SJ-49   16 mixed
Old Spanish Chimney 8-SJ-45 military 43 mixed
Oldest House 8-SA-27-17 domestic 7694 17th-19th c.
Palm Row 8-SA-36-4 domestic 47927 1575-19th c.
Parker Law Office 8-SA-17-22 domestic 3189 mixed
Peck House 8-SA-10-1 domestic 22324 18th-19th c.
Ribera Gardens 8-SA-12-26      
Shell Bluff Landing 8-SJ-32 mission 1243 17th c.
Spanish Hospital 8-SA-28-1 cemetery 1917 1575-1600
St. Augustine Midden 8-SJ-10 domestic 4 mixed
St. Francis Inn Parking Lot 8-SA-38-6 military 9567 18th-19th c.
St. Francis seawall 8-SJ-10A mixed 14 mixed
Trinity Episcopal 8-SA-34-1 domestic 62439 ca.1575-19th c.
Villa Flora 8-SA-36-1 domestic 1595 ca.1575-19th c.
Wright's Landing 8-SJ-3 mission 3982 17th c.


* St. Augustine site numbers follow protocols established by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board in 1966, which include the “SA” city designation, followed by the City of St. Augustine block and lot designations.