Tell Me About: Green Iguanas

It may be a rarity to see snow fall in Florida during the winter months, but the state has a winter related phenomenon of its own: falling iguanas!


Tell Me About: Invasive Lionfish

In the 1980s, the first invasive lionfish was spotted near Dania Beach, Florida. Since then, the species has spread up the east coast of the U.S. and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Read to learn about the invasive species’ presence in Florida and the impact it has on our ecosystem.

Three burrowing owls emerging from their burrow.

Tell Me About: Burrowing Owls

Who’s that? It’s the Florida burrowing owl!
The burrowing owl, one of the smallest in Florida, lives in open, sandy fields throughout the peninsular region of the state. It stands at around 9 inches tall, has sandy brown feathers, and bright yellow eyes. The burrowing owl is designated as a threatened species by the state of Florida, so there are certain rules to know if you see one in the wild. Be sure not to get too close and risk upsetting the owl or its burrow; if the owl sees you and bobs its head, makes noises, or flies around you, then you’re probably too close!

red coral honeysuckle flowers, buds shaped like tubes and grow in clusters on a vine

Tell Me About: Coral Honeysuckle

October is Florida Native Species Month! To celebrate, we here at TESI are featuring coral honeysuckle, one of Florida’s native plant species.

A close up of a grey-brown cane toad.

Tell Me About: Cane Toads in Florida

Have you ever seen a large toad with dry, warty skin and enlarged poison glands in your backyard? It might be a cane toad, an invasive species in Florida.