Tell Me About: Marine Protected Areas in Florida

There are about 1,000 marine protected areas in the United States Marine protected areas are dedicated spaces where a government has restricted human activities for the purpose of conservation. They can be used for habitat conservation efforts, protection of endangered species, environmental research, and more.


Tell Me About: Water Management Districts in Florida

All of Florida’s freshwater bodies are managed on a state and regional level. Each region has their own water management district that is responsible for managing water supply, monitoring water quality, constructing and maintaining flood protection structures and protecting natural systems.

Florida Reef

Tell Me About: Reef Restoration in Florida

The Florida Reef System (FRS) is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the continental US, with its extensive shallow coral reefs that span more than 350 miles. Since the 1970s reefs in Florida have been on a steady decline.

smoke with the sun shining through

Tell Me About: Waste Incineration in Florida

Waste incineration was devised as a method for managing our waste while generating energy, but there are increasing concerns over its environmental and public health impacts.

giant African land snail

Tell Me About: Giant African Land Snail

The invasive giant African land snail is back in the state! Expanding past its original range in South Florida, this mollusk was spotted in Pasco County, north of Tampa. Read on to learn more about this species and what to do if you spot them!