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A slew of energy bills in this year’s session aim to increase the use of renewable energy sources.

water and natural resources

Water and Natural Resources

Population growth threatens Florida’s water supply and health of its natural resources. Several bills aim to manage this delicate balance. 

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Wastewater Infrastructure

Florida has a water infrastructure problem. Proposed legislation looks to fix Florida’s aging pipes.


Plastics and Pollution

Proposed legislation looks to ban single-use plastics and develop programs to improve recycling rates across the state.

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Finances and Taxes

Lawmakers consider proposals for tax breaks and discounts at state parks, as well as a new tax trying to protect Florida’s waters.

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Climate Change

Florida lawmakers are trying to match climate change threats with possible plans and solutions in this year’s legislative session.

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Land Use and Conservation

Parks, forests, preserves – you name it, Florida’s got it. With this much land to cover, bills have been popping up to reserve millions of dollars for protection and conservation.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Check out the bills that represent a few of Florida’s most iconic critters – and what experts have to say about them.