Did you know that June 16th is World Sea Turtle Day? This holiday is celebrated on the same day as Archie Carr’s birthday, who is known for his research endeavors at The Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research. Read on for ideas of how you can celebrate World Sea Turtle Day!

For Gainesville Locals

If you are currently based in the Gainesville area, consider attending one of these upcoming sea turtle events. You can hear three sea turtle experts present their research covering topics such as slimy seagrass, turtle migration, and fibropapillomatosis disease on June 16th at Cypress & Grove Brewery. More details about the event and registration are available here. You can also attend the Florida Museum of Natural History’s event on June 18th where visitors will experience a virtual reality simulation of the life of a loggerhead, take part in a scavenger hunt, and check out sea turtle specimens and interactive educational materials. Find more information about this collaborative event with the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research here.

More Ways To Celebrate Sea Turtles

One of the most important things you can do for sea turtles is practice proper beach etiquette. Some tips include:

  • Give space to nesting adults and their hatchlings.
  • Leave the sand as you found it by knocking down sandcastles and filling in holes.
  • Properly dispose of all trash and food items.
  • When near the coast, use turtle-friendly lights or no lights at all. 

On top of being mindful of marine life when at the beach, consider these other ideas to further support sea turtles:

  • Buy a sea turtle license plate to raise money for sea turtle protection.
  • Volunteer to survey beaches and record data for turtle nests.
  • Participate in a beach clean-up.

It’s always helpful to stay informed and spread the word. Some ways you can do this are:

  • Explore #WorldSeaTurtleDay to see how others are celebrating.
  • Keep up with our sea turtle week posts on Instagram @UFEarthSystems and @KnowYourFlorida.
  • Learn more about the threats sea turtles currently face.