The Florida Museum’s Vertebrate Paleontology collections provide the most complete basis available for study of Cenozoic vertebrate life and evolution in the eastern United States and the circum-Caribbean Basin area.

Combined, the five separate collections total about 900,000 specimens, of which more than 700,000 are catalogued and on a searchable online database. Holotypes number about 275 specimens. Learn more about the collections…

Florida Fossil Collecting Permit Office Closed until January 6

The next day applications and renews will be processed is January 6. While staff are away on holiday, please do not phone or attempt to come in and get a permit until that date.

Volunteer Fossil Digs–Latest News!

The fossil dig for the Fall 2021 volunteer dig ended on December 20. Details for 2022 digs will be posted as they are finalized. See the volunteering in the field web page.

Special Message for Visiting Researchers

As of December 1, 2020, visiting researcher are allowed to work in the vertebrate paleontology collections of the Florida Museum of Natural History. All visitor must follow CDC protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including mask wearing that covers mouth and nose and practicing safe social distancing. Visiting researchers must arrange an appointment with either one of the curators or the senior collection manager.

All About Montbrook
fossil dig site

For the latest news about the Montbrook fossil site, about both the field and the museum collection, check out the Montbrook Fossil Dig blog.

Recent Research News From Our Collections

More research news…

Alachua County bans fossil collecting in Gainesville creeks

On August 12, 2019 Alachua County issued a press release stating that digging for fossils is prohibited in creeks within the boundaries of the county, which includes the well known fossil-rich Gainesville Creeks. Residents of Alachua County are welcome to contact their county commissioner to voice support or opposition to this ruling. A 2021 news article on this issue can be found online.

Encyclopedia of Fossil Vertebrates of Florida

New additions to the species accounts are the rhino Teleoceras proterum, the vampire bat Desmodus stocki, and the muskrat Neofiber alleni. New additions to the descriptions of fossil sites are Gunn Farm Mine, Ichetucknee River, and the Montbrook Site. Let us know if there are any special species or fossil sites you want us to add.