The Division of Vertebrate Paleontology has at least one fossil collecting session per year that uses volunteer assistance.

This will generally be during the drier and cooler times of the year, either spring or fall. Age limits and physical requirements will vary depending on the conditions at the particular fossil site we are working.


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Winter/Spring 2022 Digging Information

The dig this year will be at the Montbrook Site south of the town of Williston in Levy County. The dig will begin on February 12 and end on May 16. We will dig on every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday during this interval.

Volunteers must be 13 years or older at the time of volunteering. Volunteers must be physically able to work outdoors and walk over uneven ground. Those who are current Florida Museum volunteers (in any department or division) do not have to fill out a volunteer application form, nor do those that participated in the Spring 2021 Montbrook dig or the December 2021 Thomas Farm dig. All others must fill out either the adult application form (ages 18 and up) or the juvenile application form (ages 13-17). Note that volunteer application forms are sent to the museum’s volunteer coordinator (email on second page of form), and not to Vertebrate Paleontology staff. Please send in forms a minimum of three working days before the first date you wish to dig, so that your form can be processed and you will be an official volunteer before you begin to work with us.

All volunteers, both new and those from previous digs, must reserve a place on the day or days they wish to dig. Email with a list of dates. These must fall within the range of February 12 to May 16 and only include Saturdays, Sundays, or Mondays. In order to allow as many persons enjoy the dig as possible, please limit the number of reserved days to a either a maximum of 6 days in a two week interval or a maximum of 2 days per week over the entire course of the dig. When dates become full, they will be posted here.

The following dates are currently fully reserved, so please do not request them. Check back to see if there have been cancellations, making them available: February 28; March 6, 7, 19, 26; April 9, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 . All other dates are currently available for additional volunteers.

There is no cost to volunteer for our fossil digs. However, if you wish to contribute money to help us maintain our annual volunteer fossil digs and to process and store the collected fossils, you can use this secure link to donate online. Donations through the UF Foundation are tax deductible.