The Division of Vertebrate Paleontology has at least one fossil collecting session per year that uses volunteer assistance.

This will generally be during the drier and cooler times of the year, either spring or fall. Age limits and physical requirements will vary depending on the conditions at the particular fossil site we are working.


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Preliminary Fall 2021 Digging Information

The exceptionally high rainfall totals of this summer have raised local water tables at the Montbrook Site and submerged the fossil-producing layers. The image below shows how the site looked in late September 2021. Water levels will have to drop by about 3 feet before we can begin to prepare the site for actual excavations. Any additional rain in October will slow this process. We will be regularly monitoring the situation at the site and will adjust the start date accordingly. Information on how to volunteer will likely be posted at this web page sometime in middle October.

image of submerged fossil site

A Fall 2021 field season at Montbrook will happen, most likely starting in middle November. An exact starting date has not yet been set. This fall we will work at the site three days per week, on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Due to the continuing pandemic, the number of volunteers working each day will remain small to allow for greater distance between each digger.

Masks must be worn at all times while at the site.

There is no cost to volunteer. However, if you wish to contribute money to help us maintain our annual volunteer fossil digs and to process and store the collected fossils, you can use this secure link to donate online. Donations through the UF Foundation are tax deductible.