Ken Ericson Scholarship

Paleontological Society of Lee County

Carefully working around fossilsThis scholarship will be awarded to a student (either undergraduate or graduate) of Florida paleontology enrolled in a degree program at the University of Florida. This scholarship consists of a one-time stipend of $5,000 to be used for academic purposes, for example, books, research expenses, field work, and/or museum or meeting travel. If deemed appropriate, this scholarship may be split into two awards given to two students.

Ken Ericson was a founding member of the Paleontological Society of Lee County. He was always very generous with his expertise in helping others learn about fossils and promoting the hobby.

This scholarship will be awarded upon receipt of an acceptable application, which will include:

  1. Cover letter, stating the student's interest in Florida paleontology and how this scholarship would be used.
  2. Detailed proposed budget and explanation of items.
  3. Resume.

The decision to award this scholarship will be made by the paleontology staff at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

In return for this scholarship, the recipient will present one talk at the Paleontological Society of Lee County while s/he is enrolled at the University of Florida. The costs of travel to present this talk will be supported by additional funds available from the initial scholarship gift.

Inquiries and application should be directed to:

Bruce J. MacFadden
Curator, Florida Museum of Natural History