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Aldo Rincón B.Aldo Rincón B.
Ph.D. Candidate in Geology

Mammalian evolution and Neotropical biostratigraphy in Central and South America

Paul MorsePaul Morse
Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology

Early primate evolution and ecology

Emily WoodruffEmily Woodruff
Ph.D. Candidate in Biology

Mammalian dental evolution

Not Pictured:

Sharon Holte

Michelle Barboza

Victor Perez

Natasha Vitek
Ph.D. Candidate, Biology
Mammalian Evolution


Vertebrate Paleontology Alumni

  • Manz, Carly (Ph.D., Geology)
  • Harrington, Arianna (Masters degree in Biology)
  • Hastings, Alex (Ph.D., Geology)
  • Ehret, Dana (Ph.D., School of Natural Resources and Environment, 2010)
  • Pimiento, Catalina (Masters degree in Biology, 2010; Ph.D. in Biology, 2015)
  • Mathis, Julie (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 2010)
  • DeSantis, Larisa G. (Ph.D. in Zoology, 2009) Larisa Grawe DeSantis
  • Cadena, Edwin A. (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 2009)
  • Bourque, Jason (Masters degree in Museum Studies, 2007)
  • Hoffman, Jonathan M. (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 2006)
  • Hochstein, Joann L. (Ph.D. in Geological Sciences, 2005)
  • Meachen, Julie A. (Masters degree in Zoology, 2003)
  • Way, C. Brickman (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 2002)
  • Mihlbachler, Matthew C. (Masters degree in Zoology, 2001) Matt Mihlbachler
  • Snyder, Daniel (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 2001)
  • D’Amo, Philip L. (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 2001)
  • Feranec, Robert S. (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 1999) Robert Feranec
  • Ruez, Dennis R. (Masters degree in Geological Sciences, 1999) Dennis Ruez
  • Shockey, Bruce J. (Ph.D. in Zoology, 1997) Bruce Shockey