Personnel of the Division of Vertebrate Paleontology of the Florida Museum of Natural History will identify fossils that have been legally collected or purchased.
peccary teeth

To aid our identifications, tell us where the specimen was found, to the best of your knowledge. Our greatest expertise lies with specimens from Florida and the rest of the Southeast, and from the Caribbean region. We recommend you look elsewhere for help with specimens from outside of these regions.

A special note about “dinosaur eggs” from Florida. These are concretions, and are not fossils! There are no naturally occurring fossils of dinosaurs in the state. The nearest dinosaur fossils have been found in central western Georgia and central Alabama.

There are three basic methods we prefer:

We are happy to provide this service to the public. For large collections (more than 10 specimens), we ask that you make a voluntary contribution, to offset the time involved, to the VP Research Fund in the UF Foundation. It supports fieldwork to collect fossils throughout Florida.