The Florida Museum research building hosts a rotating exhibit highlighting recent student research guided by a Florida Museum mentor. Posters are on display at Dickinson Hall for one semester and then permanently archived on this website.

Contact information for current Museum graduate students is available on the Graduate Student Directory, through links to the University of Florida departments, or via the Florida Museum mentors.

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Spring 2011

Zoometric Breed Analysis and Isotopic Paleodietary Reconstruction of the Maya Dog

Author: Elizabeth Olson, B.A. Anthropology, UF

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Kitty Emery, Environmental Archaeology (Chair), Irv Quitmyer, Environmental Archaeology

Titanoboa cerrejonensis (58 – 60 Million Years Ago) Northeastern Colombia

Authors: Alexander Hastings, PhD Student, Department of Geological Sciences
Jason Bourque, M.A. Student, School of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
Edwin Cadena, M.S. Student, Department of Geological Sciences
Fabiany Herrera3, M.S. Student, Department of Geological Sciences

Florida Museum Research Mentor: Jonathan Bloch, Vertebrate Paleontology, Committee Chair for A. Hastings, J. Bourque, and E. Cadena.

Panama as a Paleo-Nursery Area for Giant Shark Babies

Author: Catalina Pimiento, M.S., Zoology

Florida Museum Research Mentor: Bruce MacFadden, Vertebrate Paleontology (Chair)

Fall 2011

Dynamics of Ecuadorian Amazon butterflies: implications for conserving the world’s richest fauna

Author: María Fernanda Checa, PhD, Department of Entomology and Nematology

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Keith Willmott, Lepidoptera (Chair), Jaret Daniels, Lepidoptera

Host plant choice in the frosted elfin, Callophrys irus Godart (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

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Author: Matthew D. Thom, PhD, Department of Entomology and Nematology

Florida Museum Research Mentor: Jaret Daniels, Lepidoptera (Chair)

Mexico and the Monarch butterfly

Authors: Court Whelan, PhD, Department of Entomology and Nematology; Ian K. Segebarth, BA

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Thomas Emmel, Lepidoptera (Committee Chair for J.C. Whelan), Jaret Daniels, Lepidoptera, David Steadman, Ornithology, Jacqueline Miller, Lepidoptera

A supermatrix perspective on the Amphiesmenoptera phylogeny

Author: Brett Boyd, PhD Candidate, Genetics and Genomics Graduate Program, Genetics Institute

Florida Museum Research Mentor: David Reed, Mammals (Chair)