Scioto Madtom
Photo by M. R. Thomas
43 mm SL, UMMZ 187098

Noturus trautmani Taylor 1969

Identification: The Scioto Madtom has a long, slender body that is gray to dusky olive-brown above and has 4 dark saddles. The low adipose fin is broadly joined to the caudal fin with a small notch between the fins. The adipose fin is clear, without a dark bar or blotch. The short pectoral spine has 5-7 large teeth on the rear edge and small teeth along the front. The caudal fin has a straight edge or is slightly rounded. The caudal fin has 2 dark bands, 1 in the middle of the fin and 1 near the clear edge. There are usually 13-16, usually 14, anal rays. To 2 1/4 in. (6.1 cm) total length.

Range: The Scioto Madtom is known only from Big Darby Creek in southern Ohio. This rare species has not been seen since 1957 and is protected as an endangered species.

Habitat: The Scioto Madtom inhabits riffles over mixed sand and gravel.

Similar species: The Elegant Madtom, Noturus elegans, has a dark blotch on the adipose fin, and usually 15-17 anal rays.

Scioto Madtom map
Distribution Map