Ictalurus mexicanus (Meek 1904)

Identification: The Rio Verde Catfish has the dorsal spine longer than the fleshy interorbital distance, 2-3 very small serrae on the pectoral spine of the juvenile, and 20-27 anal rays. The supraoccipital spine is not in contact with supraneural.

Range: The Rio Verde Catfish occurs in the upper Rio Gallinas drainage (Rio Panuco basin) on the Atlantic Slope of Mexico.

Habitat: The Rio Verde Catfish lives over rocky or sandy substrates in quiet to moderate-flowing water of creeks and small rivers.

Similar species: The Headwater Catfish, I. lupus, Yaqui Catfish, I. pricei, and Lerma Catfish, I. dugesii, have the dorsal spine shorter or equal in length to the fleshy interorbital distance and 5-14 large serrae on the pectoral spine of the juvenile. The Channel Catfish, I. punctatus, has 26-32 anal rays and the supraoccipital spine in contact with the supraneural.

Rio Verde Catfish map
Distribution Map