Pygmy Madtom
Photo by B. H. Bauer
Duck R. at mouth of Hurricane Cr., 7.3 air miles NNE Buffalo, Humphreys Co., TN
27 mm SL, Collected 21-October 1978

Noturus stanauli Etnier & Jenkins 1980

Identification: The Pygmy Madtom is similar to the Least Madtom but is distinguished by its white snout and large teeth on the front edge of the pectoral spine. The body is gray or brown-black above, olive-brown or pale yellow on the upper side, and white on the lower side. There are lighter areas at the back of the head, rear of the dorsal fin base, and at the front and rear of the adipose fin. The caudal fin has a dark band or dusky blotches in the middle. The anal fin has 14-17 rays. To 1 � in. (4.2 cm) total length.

Range: The Pygmy Madtom is known only from the Clinch River at Frost Ford and Brooks Island in Hancock County, Tennessee, and the Duck River in Humphreys County, Tennessee. This species is rare and protected as an endangered species.

Habitat: The Pygmy Madtom inhabits gravel runs of clear, medium-sized rivers.

Similar species: The Least Madtom, Noturus hildebrandi, has a dark snout and no teeth or small teeth on the front edge of the pectoral spine.

Pygmy Madtom map
Distribution Map