Orangefin Madtom
Photo by L. M. Page
Adult male from Roanoke R., Roanoke Co., VA
66 mm SL, Collected 15-March 1982

Noturus gilberti Jordan & Evermann 1889

Identification: The Orangefin Madtom has a slender body and a flat head with the upper jaw projecting beyond the lower jaw. The body is olive or brown above and pale yellow or white below. The fins are dark with light yellow or white edges. The caudal fin is dusky to dark with a distinctive white to orange triangle on its upper edge. The pectoral and dorsal spines are short, and the pectoral spine usually has large teeth on its rear edge. The anal fin is short with 14-16 rays. The caudal fin edge is straight or slightly rounded. To 3.9 in. (10 cm) total length.

Range: The Orangefin Madtom is found in the upper Roanoke River (including the Dan River) drainage in Virginia and North Carolina. It is also found in the upper James River in Virginia where it was probably introduced. This species is uncommon.

Habitat: The Orangefin Madtom inhabits fast rocky riffles and runs of clear small rivers.

Similar species: The Stonecat, Noturus flavus, has a cream-white spot at the rear of the dorsal fin base, small teeth on the rear of the pectoral spine, and backward projections on the premaxillary tooth patch.

Orangefin Madtom
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