Caddo Madtom
Photo by B. H. Bauer
Ouachita R., G Clifton’s Camp, ca. 3 mi. SW Washita, Montgomery Co., AK
54 mm SL, Collected 12-September 1978

Noturus taylori Douglas 1972

Identification: The Caddo Madtom has a long, slender body that is yellow to dark brown above with 4 dark brown saddles alternating with light yellow or cream ellipses. A large black blotch is on the front half of the edge of the dorsal fin. Adults have dark bands (often absent) near the clear edge of the anal and pectoral fins. The caudal fin has 2-3 vague brown crescent-shaped bands: 1 in the middle and 1 or 2 near the clear edge of the fin. The pectoral spine is short with 5-9 large teeth on the rear edge and many small teeth on the front edge. The caudal fin is straight or rounded and broadly joined to the adipose fin with a small notch between the two fins. The adipose fin has a brown band extending into its upper half. The anal fin has 13-26 rays. To 3 in. (7.7 cm) total length.

Range: The Caddo Madtom is found in the Caddo, Ouachita, and Little Missouri Rivers in southwestern Arkansas. This species is locally common.

Habitat: The Caddo Madtom inhabits rocky riffles, pools, and shoals near shorelines of small to medium rivers.

Similar species: The Elegant Madtom, Noturus elegans, lacks a large black blotch at the top of the dorsal fin, has a brown blotch on the dorsal fin base extending up the front edge of the fin. The Brindled Madtom, N. miurus, has a dark band extending to the upper edge of the adipose fin.

Caddo Madtom map
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