Black River Madtom
Photo by J.J.D. Egge
Big Brushy Creek, Wayne Co., AR
55.68 mm SL, Collected 18-March 2004, JFBM 42345

Noturus maydeni Egge 2006

Identification: The Black River Madtom is genetically and karyotypically distinct from other madtoms but morphologically indistinguishable from the Ozark Madtom (N. albater).

Range: The Black River Madtom is found in the Black and St. Francis R. systems, in MO and AR. This species is locally common.

Habitat: The Black River Madtom lives in clear, cool, swift rocky riffles and pools of creeks and small to medium rivers.

Similar species: The Black River Madtom is similar to the Ozark Madtom, N. albater.

Black River Madtom map
Distribution Map