This opportunity is curated through the UF TESI Environmental Leaders Network. Opportunities posted through the Network may not be affiliated with the Florida Museum or TESI, but are shared with UF undergraduate students who want to learn more about environmental research, education and outreach, and civic engagement. 

Position description

Are you interested in leveraging the power of business as a force for good? Would you like to learn how to sustainably solve social, environmental, and economic problems? Do you want to be a changemaker? Undergraduate & Graduate students who complete core courses and engage in experiential learning consulting projects in the greater-Gainesville community are recognized as “SIS Impact Scholars” to formalize and recognize their education and experience in social impact and sustainability as leaders and changemakers. Students who study impact, practice impact, create impact, and share their impact stories will be awarded as UF SIS Impact Scholars.

Tracks are available for both undergraduate and graduate students to become UF SIS Impact Scholars and have the opportunity to:

  1. Study Impact: by earning a passing grade in Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (ENT3503/ENT6506)
  2. Practice Impact: by working as a consultant on an experiential learning project for a for-profit or nonprofit venture in the greater-Gainesville community
  3. Create Impact: by engaging on campus & in the community and developing a venture.
  4. Tell Your Impact Story: submit an Impact Scholar Report by the deadline prior to graduation.

UF SIS Impact Scholars will receive a certificate for their achievement as well as graduation cords; they will also be recognized at the annual Celebration of Entrepreneurship Awards event.

To learn more and apply: