What’s going on?

A recent study from First Street Foundation suggests that the risk of wildfires in Florida could double by 2052. Florida is already known to be a warm place, and it’s predicted to stay hotter for more days of the year. Because Florida is highly developed, more properties are at risk of wildfire than in some other wildfire-prone states.

Why it matters.

Wildfires can engulf homes and buildings, and destroy communities. The smoke from wildfires can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular symptoms. Wildfires can also decimate forest ecosystems and exacerbate climate change by releasing pollutants into the air. While controlled fires can be beneficial for the land, wildfires may spread quickly and uncontrollably, putting lives at risk.

What you can do.

  • Go to riskfactor.com to calculate your home’s risk of fire.
  • Create an action plan to be prepared in the case of a fire.
  • Prepare an emergency kit.
  • Learn more about Florida’s wildfire risk.