During July 18 – 20th, with the support of the FOSSIL Project and iDigBio, 22 avocational paleontologists  transformed their photographic skills by working with Florida Museum of Natural History staff & graduate students. The 2019 Imaging and Digitization for Avocational Paleontologists Workshop allowed its participants to elevate their knowledge of camera operation through expert presentations and hands-on approaches to imaging and digitization. Additionally, a field trip was taken to collect their own fossils in a local creek. 

fossil collecting in creek
Participant collecting fossils in local creek bed.

Attendees were able to use their newly learned imaging techniques to photograph their collected specimens. Participants left the workshop with a spark of inspiration to follow through with what they practiced during these couple days and digitize their personal collections to share with their cohort on the myFOSSIL website.  Ultimately, surpassing the goal of increasing the number of curated specimens on the myFOSSIL eMuseum by 100 specimens. To date, participants of the workshop had uploaded over 120 specimens from their private collections, making them available for potential research opportunities.

group photo of participants
Group photo 2019 cohort.