On April 16th, the UF Office of Sustainability, Thompson Earth Systems Institute, and Florida Fresh Dining hosted the Sustainability in Action Showcase. The showcase acted as a hub for visitors to learn more about sustainability on campus and connect with organizations with a strong commitment to sustainability.  

Walking into the event, I could feel the energy and enthusiasm among students, faculty, and staff who gathered to share and learn. The atmosphere was buzzing with conversations, as various organizations, and initiatives such as the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education, UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Field and Fork Farms and Gardens, UF Bikes, and the Student Ocean Alliance, set up interactive displays and engaging activities. Students started at a check-in table with the UF Office of Sustainability, where they received a passport listing all of the organizations tabling. Once students interacted with three different tabling activities, they could get free cotton candy from Florida Fresh Dining, which was a huge hit with the UF Office of Sustainability’s Polar Bear “Sustainabear”. 



One of the biggest takeaways from the Sustainability in Action Showcase was the strength found in community. Seeing over 160 students gathered together to share a commitment to a more sustainable world was inspiring and amplified our efforts in environmental stewardship. Throughout the event, it was evident that when people come together, the exchange of ideas and mutual encouragement create a fertile ground for innovation and action. The stories shared by students and faculty about their small victories and large projects alike served as a testament to the strength of collective action. Witnessing these interactions, it was clear that building and nurturing a community focused on sustainable practices is crucial. It not only empowers individuals but also weaves a network of accountability and support that is essential for sustaining long-term commitment to environmental goals.

As we continue to expand our network here at UF, let’s remember that every conversation, every project, and every shared goal contributes to a larger, collective impact that transcends individual actions. Let’s be inspired by the dedication of these organizations and the community spirit they foster. Together, we can make sustainability not just a part of our annual celebration but a defining part of our everyday lives at UF. Let’s keep learning, engaging, and acting—for our campus, our community, and our planet.