What is Climate Anxiety?

Climate anxiety or eco-anxiety is described by the American Psychological Association as “a chronic fear of environmental doom.” Those with climate anxiety are often worried about the future of our planet, and experience feelings of anger, helplessness, and despair. 

How Can We Cope With It?

  • Validation: Know that your feelings are justified, anxiety is a rational response to a distressing situation. Your emotions are not problems to be solved, rather they need to be identified, processed, and embraced. 
  • Community: The climate crisis won’t be solved by one person, we must work together to create solutions and uplift each other. Consider talking about your climate anxiety with a trusted friend, joining environmentally-focused groups, or finding a climate anxiety support group such as the Good Grief Network.  
  • Take Action: Don’t forget that you can still make an impact as an individual! Consider volunteering for local cleanups, using your voice to demand change in your city, or getting involved with local action groups. 
  • Calming Solutions: Some possible techniques for managing anxiety include: meditation, practicing deep breathing, listening to calming music, writing out your feelings, spending time outdoors.
  • Ask for help: If your anxiety is severe and making everyday life difficult, consider seeking professional help, like from the CWC. There is no shame in asking for help! It takes strength to recognize and address internal issues.