Mangrove off the coast of Florida

Tell Me About: Tropicalization

Tropicalization describes a warming climate transforming temperate ecosystems by allowing tropical organisms to move with temperature changes.

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Action of the Week: Read Up On Sustainability

There are many books that feature sustainability and the environment, but we’ve included a list of recommendations to get you started. Authors cover topics ranging from coping with climate anxiety to an analytical history of humankind and the propensity towards acts of good.

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Climate Change

Bills address topics like property insurance, flooding, extreme heat, hurricanes and sea level rise.

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Tell Me About: Threats to Mangroves in Florida

Mangrove forests are highly productive and incredibly unique ecosystems that tolerate copious amounts of saltwater and are home to immense biodiversity. Unfortunately, they face threats from various sectors all across the state.

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Climate Change

Bills address topics like greenhouse gases, extreme heat, hurricanes, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion.