Letters To The Editor

Pioneer Ohmes applauds
Sloth Hole research

The assurance that Sloth Hole will at last receive the thorough scientific study it deserves is to me inexpressibly gratifying. Perhaps I'm unduly optimistic but I believe that it, and perhaps the entire West Run, may in the end prove of greater archaeological significance than the fantastic river it nourishes. The prodigious concentration of ivory must be the clue to something unique about that location. May you solve that mystery.

Your telephone call set me a'dither at the prospect of meeting you and the divers who will be doing the work, (How wonderful it would have been for Don and me back in the '60s had such an opportunity existed!). But alas, it's not to be. Circumstances here prevent any prolonged absence of more than a day or two.

My hope is that someone in your crew does videos, or photos.

Many thanks again.

Dick Ohmes
Bremerton, WA
P.S. This dog lover was touched by
your requiem for Miss Fossil.

Blackwater Draw site thanks ARPP

The status of Blackwater Draw Site is good if you look at the positive side. I finished the excavation of the trenches for the foundation (of a building designed to shelter excavations from the elements and permit visitors to observe the excavation in progress) on November 25th. The stratigraphic profiles were completed by December 16th, and I am trying to finish the stabilization of the arroyo and secure the fabric (which prevents site erosion) for the final time.

Of the 1,160 artifacts recorded this year in our trenches 500 are lithics. Burned bone and caliche make up a fourth of that number. (I haven't counted the actual figures yet.) The large bone beds were on the lower slopes. Very small fragments came from the screen of the upper level trenches, and half were burned to a blue color. Flakes number around 350 yet to analyze. Four utility tan pottery pieces and 5 fragments of projectile points were found in the tan sand on an old washed surface between the weak soil development and tan sand that covered the top of the lake. One middle-Archaic age point is different from the rest. A photo is included. The whole point has two barbs on each lateral side. The raw material is gray chert. More closeups will be taken as soon as I get a number on it.

The group of people evidently were collectors also. In that same level a midsection of an Eden, a base of a Plainview and two tips of large bifacial points (one Paleoindian) were found among the burned and caliche pebbles. They were not in rodent burrows either.

Now to the construction of the building. hope to let the bid for construction by February 1st.) Completion date has been pushed back to Memorial Day.

Thank you Dr. Webb for supporting your (Aucilla River Prehistory Project) workers while they do volunteer work. (Mark Muniz, Andy Hemmings, Bill Gifford, Steve Glover and Joe Latvis) were such a help to me, and we appreciate people like you. You will have to come and let me show you the Site sometime.

Thanks too for the casts sent of the points.

Warmest regards,

Joanne Dickenson, Curator
Blackwater Draw Site
Eastern New Mexico University
608 New Mexico 467
Portales, New Mexico 88130