Small projects using several prepping techniques.

A Quick Prep-Me-Up

My name is Will Tifft and I am one of the PIRE interns working in invertebrate paleontology. I graduated from … Continue

PCP-PIRE Intern Justy Alicea learning how to use the Avizo 3D imaging software

3D Horse Teeth!!!

I’m super excited to be rolling up my sleeves and finally getting some 3D imaging experience. My big passions being … Continue

Turtle plastron element pieced back together.

First Weeks

My name is Andrea De Renzis and I’m a PCP-PIRE Museum Intern here at the FLMNH. I’m interested in Vertebrate … Continue

A crab fossil collected from the Culebra Formation! The previous group of interns collected over 200 of these little creatures!

“Catching” Crabs…

¡Hola! It’s Adam, and I’m excited to share a bit of what I’ve learned with my first post. It’s been nearly … Continue

Checking out the Lirio Norte locality during the NNB4 field trip to the canal.

Reason to Dig

We arrived in bustling Panama City at the beginning of the fourth meeting of the Network for Neotropical Biogeography, or … Continue