Lately Justy and I have been spending a lot of time working with the computer program Avizo in order to process CT scans into 3D images. We recently worked on horse teeth and are now currently working on shark teeth. The process is time consuming, but the results are definitely worth it. We are especially excited because the images will be widely accessible and will be used as learning tools in classrooms for younger students. Below is an example of what Avizo looks like as you are working on an image.

3D Scanner ScreenshotLast week Justy and I were given a lesson on using a 3D scanner to create 3D images of fossils. The 3D scanner uses lasers, a camera, and a rotating base, in order to create the digital image. This was extremely fun to use and the lesson was really interesting. I am excited because know I will make use of these newly learned skills in graduate school.

I have also continued working in the Fossil Prep Lab. Lately I have been working on a very complete turtle neural (backbone) as well as some other indeterminate material. Working on indeterminate material is fun because once you clean it you may be able to determine what it is. It’s a fun surprise.

The biggest news is that we will be heading to Panama on Saturday! We are going to meet the field interns and participate in fieldwork for a week. I’m incredibly excited for the trip and can’t wait to share our adventures once we return!