The Florida Museum research building hosts a rotating exhibit highlighting recent student research guided by a Florida Museum mentor. Posters are on display at Dickinson Hall for one semester and then permanently archived on this website.

Contact information for current Museum graduate students is available on the Graduate Student Directory, through links to the University of Florida departments, or via the Florida Museum mentors.

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Spring 2010

Catch Trends of Blue Sharks Caught by Brazilian Pelagic Longline Fleet in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean: 1978-2007, by Felipe Carvalho, Debra Murie, Fabio Hazin, Humberto Hazin, and George Burgess

Author: Felipe Carvalho,, M.Sc. candidate, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Burgess, George H. – Director, Florida Program for Shark Research, Rob Robins – Collection Manager, Ichthyology



Abundance and Size-Frequency Distribution of Juvenile Horseshoe Crabs, Limulus polyphemus, by Lindsay Keegan and H. Jane Brockman

Author: Lindsay Keegan,, Senior, Zoology

Florida Museum Research Mentor: William Keegan – Curator, Caribbean Archaeology


18th-Century Creek Attire: Searching Museum Collections, by Kim Meinholz and Charlotte Porter

Author: Kim C. Meinholz,, Senior, History

Florida Museum Research Mentor: Dr. Charlotte Porter – Curator, History of Science


Maternal Influences on Embryonic Condition and the Occurrence of Runts in Viviparous Sharks

Authors: Andrew Piercy, , Ph.D., Fall 2009, Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Christina Walker

Florida Museum Research Mentor: Dr. Franklin F. Snelson Jr., Ichthyology

Fall 2010

Rehabilitation of Archaeobotanical Collections from Pineland: A Major Coastal Archaeological Site Complex in Southwest Florida.

Author: Melissa Ayvaz,, M.A. candidate, Anthropology, UFB

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Bill Marquardt, Donna Ruhl, Karen Walker


Rehabilitation of the Florida Museum of Natural History’s Pineland Collections: A National Endowment for the Humanities Project to Curate Collections from a Major Coastal Archaeological Site Complex in Southwest Florida.

Authors: Melissa Ayvaz,, M.A. candidate, Anthropology, UF, Marquardt (Chair), Walker, Ruhl
Austin Bell,, M.A. Museum Studies, Marquardt, Walker, LeCompte
Gypsy Price,, Ph.D. Anthropology, Marquardt, Walker, Krigbaum (Chair)
Ryan VanDyke,, M.A. Anthropology, Marquardt, Walker, deFrance (Chair)

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Bill Marquardt, Karen Walker, Donna Ruhl, Elise LeCompte, Karen Walker