The Split Rock Conservation Area is a 241-Acre preserve off SW 20th Ave. in Gainesville featuring a 1.8-mile loop trail. The Preserve is a calcareous hammock with limestone outcrops and sinkholes surrounded by oak and hickory trees and including portions of Hogtown Prairie, a vast wetland marsh seasonally flooded by Hogtown Creek.

The Conservation Area was purchased by the City of Gainesville and is one of many nature parks in Alachua County. Funding for the acquisition of the park was provided by the Florida Communities Trust using Florida Forever funds.

Bob Belmont, a research associate at the McGuire Center, is conducting a biodiversity inventory of the Lepidoptera of this area.  Special use authorization was obtained from the City of Gainesville to collect moths in the preserve and deposit specimens in the McGuire Center collections.  Various collecting methods are used including flight and pheromone traps and lighted sheets. The specimens are prepared, labeled with the date and location, identified, and sorted into drawers in the collection. Each specimen is given a unique identifier number, photographed, and catalogued into the McGuire Center databases.

A preliminary list of moths found in the conservation area is available.

A gallery of some individual specimens is shown below.